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Quote from Susan Cheever

Susan just read this out loud to me, and we are both delighted by it:
As a parent, [John Cheever] could be loving and companionable but was also sharply sarcastic and, in what he confided to his children, merciless. With the two oldest, Susan and Benjamin, he made no secret of his disappointments. Susan, who resembled him in her compulsions, wild streak, and intelligence, was overweight in spite of both parents' relentless nagging; she told Bailey, "In many ways I was a tremendous disappointment to them, I'm proud to say, and hope I've continued to be, since what they wanted me to be is pretty empty."
          —John Updike, "Basically Decent: A big biography of John Cheever" (review of Blake Bailey's John Cheever: A Life), The New Yorker, March 9, 2009
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