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We have animals! Lots and lots of new animals. Today I went to the pet store and bought two tiny, unbelievably adorable mice. I named the brown and white one Cookie, because she's the same colors as a dog I had when I was a kid, that I named Cookie because she was the same colors as a cookie. Susan named the mostly white one with a small grey spot at the base of its tail Pat, because she knows a lesbian couple named Pat and Cookie. (Both the mice are female.)

The mice are living in the same cage that our recently deceased hamster used to live in. The cage never had a lid before, though. Over the past few days, I built a lid from wood, nails, wood glue, and wire mesh. This project has caused Susan to exclaim over how butch I am, but it's had the opposite effect on me; I feel less competent with construction tools now than I did before I attempted this. I mean, it turned out more or less okay, but I was far too aware of how many times I very nearly slipped and sawed my fingers half off.

Also, yesterday our neighbors across the street gave us a huge fish and the huge fish tank it lives in. They said she was an Oscar, but we think she's a Red Devil. We put the three largest of our convict fish (one male and two females) in the tank with it. They're too mean to share a tank with anything their own size, but they look too big for the Red Devil to easily eat them. They were born here a year ago, and they've grown so much that they were severely overcrowding their old tank.

We also put in our largest plecostomus from one of the smaller tanks. The neighbors gave us some tank decorations for the smaller fish to hide in, but no pebbles for the bottom of the tank. I bought and added some pebbles later, but I took this picture while the tank was still pebble-less.

I bought a new, smaller plecostomus for the smaller tank, and six neon tetras for that same smaller tank. Those new fish will be cohabiting with two dwarf gouramis and a kuhli loach. There's also a second small tank with cichlids in it, including three smaller convict fish that we'll probably eventually move into the Red Devil's tank, after they're bigger.

Meanwhile, I've moved Stardust's cat tree next to the sliding-glass door, where she was already spending a lot of her time watching bugs and birds outside, to encourage her to spend even more time there. Susan and I are usually on the couch in the living room, with the dogs, and Stardust doesn't venture into the living room all that often because she's still a bit wary of the dogs. But now she's at least within sight of us whenever she's on the cat tree. And now she can look down from her perch at the Red Devil's fish tank, too!

And she can watch from a safe height when the dogs play tug-of-war.

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