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Civil War II

Why is hardly anyone talking about the utter lunacy that the Georgia state senate voted 43 to 1 to support? Why do people go around accusing Democrats of being "anti-American" for any un-Republican statements they ever make, yet when the Georgia state senate votes overwhelmingly to secede from the United States and declare the United States "disbanded" as a nation, nobody seems to get particularly upset about how anti-American that is? And since this thing the Georgia state senate voted for states in part that the federal government has no authority to prosecute any crimes other than "treason, piracy and slavery," why do none of these same Georgia state senators seem to have considered the idea that declaring the United States to have been "disbanded" as a nation sounds an awful lot like an incitement to begin committing treason?

Meanwhile, the governor of Texas has apparently declared an interest in seceding from the United States too! legolastn commented, "Is it really coincidence that the Georgia Senate and the Texas Governor have started touting secessionist rhetoric while the nation is being [led] by its first black President? Somehow I think not." Unfortunately, I have to agree.
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