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Native Plant Garden Photo Contest

Gardening Gone Wild is having a native plant garden photo contest. Participants can enter up to three photos. Here are mine. The first one is red bush monkeyflower (Mimulus puniceus) in my front garden bed this morning, with coral bells (Heuchera maxima) in the background. Both plants are native to southern California. (I'm in northern California, but these plants are under the eaves where they get less rain, making the environment closer to souther California's.) The monkeyflower just started blooming last week, for the first time.

The garden photos aren't required to be of our own gardens, and since I've only been gardening for just about exactly one year, restricting myself to my own tiny, barely established (though very native) garden would severely limit my chances. So this next photo is of Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii) in the California State University, Sacramento Arboretum in July 2007.

And I'm not entirely sure that this third photo even qualifies, since I'm not sure whether the plant was actually planted intentionally by a gardener. But growing through a chain-link fence the way it is, I'm not sure it can be considered exactly "wild" either; it's been smoothly integrated into the obviously artificial landscaping below it. This is endangered Pine Hill flannelbush (Fremontodendron californicum ssp. decumbens), growing on Pine Hill in May 2008. I'm not quite completely happy with the composition of this one, but the plant itself is so spectacular that it hardly matters. How could anyone look at this and not want it in their garden?

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