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Proposition H8

California: a state embroiled in a seemingly neverending budget crisis because a two-thirds majority is required to approve a budget, but where a simple 50% + 1 is sufficient to vote away the rights of minority couples to marry - even when discrimination against that group is supposed to be subject to "strict scrutiny," and even when the people never voted to remove the contradictory part of the state constitution that claims the state guarantees equal rights to everyone.

Also, the crazy Catholic self-hating lesbian on the California Supreme Court voted against her own right to marry, again. It was not a surprise, considering that she also voted against her own right to marry last May, when the majority on the court ruled that we did have the right to marry. This woman must have the most terrible commitment issues ever.

Really, the only thing that surprised me was that Justice Moreno was the only dissenter in today's decision. When I watched the oral arguments in March, I really thought that Justice Werdegar was going to dissent also.

(At least I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that 18,000 same-sex couples who married here do get to remain married, despite the attempt by 52% of California voters to forcibly divorce them from each other. Congratulations again to misterkrista and jess_s, to Chuck B. and Guy, and to James and John.)
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