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Project Pushback: Same-Sex Marriage Commercials

Projecct Pushback is asking people to vote on which of about 70 different commercials should be used in future same-sex marriage campaigns. You can vote for as many as you like, but you can only cast one vote for each. I voted for My Two Moms, I Am #1, Evolution, Family Values, Remembering Chuck and Carl, Marriage by Committee, and License.

There were three others that I feel were good enough to deserve mention, although I decided not to vote for them. A Friend's Take has an interesting narrative approach (showing a heterosexual Christian talking about coming to terms with his gay brother) and a really adorable gay male couple, but I decided not to vote for it for two reasons. One is that the very last line unfortunately leaves the impression that supporting same-sex marriage basically comes down to disregarding the Bible after all, instead of changing people's minds about what the Bible actually asks them to do - I'm quite certain that the Bible doesn't say you have to vote against allowing secular governments to recognize the marriages of other people who don't necessarily even belong to your religion. The other reason is that - extremely unfortunately - I don't think the homophobes we need to reach through commercials like this are ready to handle as much physical affection between two males as this video shows. They are a wonderful couple and I wish the homophobes could recognize and admire that, but I think that instead, the homophobes would just be incensed that two cute gay boys are being allowed to have more fun than them. (I feel badly about this second reason - can you tell? This helped persuade me to vote for "Family Values" and "Remembering Chuck and Carl," because I felt I ought to vote for at least something with gay men in it. If they're sufficiently old and wrinkled and/or fathers, do they eventually become less threatening to homophobes?)

Reaching Towards Liberty has some good aspects, but it strikes a false note with the fact that its only reference to racial discrimination is to interracial marriage. It refers to gender discrimination in terms of women not having been allowed to vote, but gives the bizarre impression that the only discrimination that black people ever had to fight against was laws that prevented them from marrying white people. I think this commercial as currently written will just offend people and turn them against us. However, it could be fairly easily edited to include a much better quick summary of racial discrimination than that one, which I think would turn this into a pretty good commercial.

A Wish has some good aspects too, but the narrator's tearful voice gets a bit over the top, and I distrust the antiquated terminology referring to a "homosexual man" instead of a "gay man."

Oh, and please don't vote for the stupid Marriage Equality video that does nothing but scream "We're born that way! It's not a choice! We can't help it!" - well, and it also misspells "lesbian," if that can be considered to count as doing something. Let's start actually applying Rule #2 of The Dallas Principles, shall we? Queer by choice people are part of the queer community and should not be shoved into a closet and left behind.
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