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Susan and I got a new dog today. She saw an ad in the newspaper for a one-year-old male Labrador/Pitbull/Pyrenees mix, and read it aloud to me along with some other ads, and asked me whether she should call about any of them. She seemed to be leaning toward that one. I told her that I thought a one-year-old dog would be a good age for us - old enough not to completely bounce off the walls all day, but young enough to be in good health for many years in the future. I said she should go ahead and call if she wanted to call, so she called about that ad. The dog described in the ad was already gone, but the people had another dog they needed to get rid of too, that they hadn't described in the ad. This other dog was also a one-year-old male, supposedly a mix of German Shepherd, Heeler, Labrador, and Malamute.

We drove to a trailer park to meet the dog. We brought Boston with us to see how they would interact. Boston tends to be afraid of everyone and everything, so we were worried that a new dog might dominate her too much. It was pretty clear that Susan was likely to be crazy about almost any dog at all, but I'm not much of a dog person, so I was worried that I would probably hate it. The people had said on the phone that the dog looked like a miniature Rottweiler. I ran a Google image search on Rottweilers and concluded that the dog was likely to be hideous.

When we arrived in the trailer park, the dog turned out to be the sweetest, gentlest dog ever, and rather cute too! His behavior impressed me immediately - he behaved much better than Boston did. Boston was actually behaving rather better than she sometimes does, but she still barked a little and at one point even escaped from Susan and ran off to chase the people's cat, dragging her leash behind her. The other dog stayed right with us and never barked at all. The man there explained that the dog had belonged to his sister, who apparently has a habit of adopting dogs but neglecting them terribly so that she can never keep one for as long as six months. He took the dog away from his sister, but he couldn't keep it himself.

Anyway, we were both very impressed by him, and we both decided right away that he was the right dog for us. So we brought him home, and Susan has named him Ganymede, after the mortal male lover of Zeus. Ganymede needs to be neutered and given his adult shots, so we will be taking care of that later this week. He's a 40-pound dog (about the same size as Boston but about 10 pounds skinnier than her) and looks very much like a Heeler/German Shepherd mix, although we can't see any trace of his supposed Labrador/Malamute heritage. He didn't know any commands whatsoever, although we've been working on teaching him "Sit" this evening. But he is an extremely easy-going dog, and so submissive that it appears that Boston may actually be the top dog in the house for a change.

As long as I'm posting photos of pets today, I'll include one each of Boston and Stardust too. I didn't take the ones of Boston or Stardust today - they're from other days within the past couple of weeks. Here is Boston, rolling around on the dining room floor. (She had horrendous redeye in this photo; I attempted to draw her eyes back in, but I didn't entirely fix the red ring around her left eye.) She is a cute dog, but she's been getting into plenty of trouble this week. Yesterday she dug up my blue elderberry, and the day before that she dug up my evergreen currant. I replanted both of them as soon as I noticed, and the evergreen currant (which was lying uprooted in the shade and had not fully wilted when I found it) actually looks like it may recover fully. The blue elderberry (which was lying uprooted in full sun and had completely wilted before I found it), however, does not look so good at all.

And here is my beautiful neurotic three-year-old kitty, Stardust. She is not on good terms with us today. Ganymede has made growly noises at her a couple of times, but hasn't otherwise harassed her in any way. Still, she's not very happy about our bringing home a dog. And then I made her day even worse by dragging her out from under the bed to administer her monthly dose of flea medicine.

She's not all that friendly a cat to begin with - most of her friendliness in the past consisted of her willingness to sleep next to me at night, rather than a willingness to spend much time with me in the daytime, and ever since we moved in here, she won't sleep next to me at night anymore, because our double bed doesn't have enough extra space in it for her liking. (Boston, and formerly Taco, and now Ganymede, sleep on the foot of the bed.) She has lately been spending most of her time sitting on top of the dining-room table - just like in this picture, although more often she's lying down on it or being a kitty loaf on it. Until this evening, when she spent several hours hiding under the bed because of Ganymede. But now she's out on the table again.

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