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Susan and I took Ganymede to the vet this morning to be neutered, because we are scary castrating lesbians. Though I've been arguing that Ganymede will be pleased with the result, on the grounds that Greek mythology records Ganymede as being a mortal male whom Zeus fell in love with, and Zeus seems to me like the sort of guy who would probably be into castrati, and Ganymede seems to me like the sort of dog who would readily sign up for castration just for the sake of pleasing Zeus. Anyway, he's back home now and seems to be doing okay. We've been wondering whether he did his Malamute-style howling at the vet's office after we left or before we came back for him. He's always been an extremely needy and clingy dog, who can't ever deal with either of us petting Boston unless we're petting him at the same time, and who panics and whimpers and cries anytime we're not in the same room with him for even a minute or two - and if he doesn't get a response to the whimpering and crying, sometimes he escalates it to an extremely loud, high-pitched, Malamute-style howl. I've been reprimanding him every time he does this, because it's way too loud and way too annoying and he needs to stop thinking he has the right to demand that we pay attention to him at every single moment. But anyway, it seems very likely that when left alone at the vet's office without us, he would have started howling, and we wondered how the vet would have reacted to that. But the vet didn't say anything about it to us.

We also took Stardust to the vet today for her annual checkup and shots (in the afternoon, when we were picking up Ganymede). She weighs 11.5 pounds, which is exactly what she weighed last year, and I was pleased that her weight is stable, since a stable weight is generally a sign of good health. She was terrified and tried frantically to burrow her way under me and behind Susan. Susan was a bit surprised that Stardust would seek refuge with her, since Stardust normally acts terrified of Susan herself. I was relieved that Stardust didn't pee in the car like she did last year, and the vet was relieved that Stardust didn't hiss or leap away or scratch or bite like a lot of cats would have done. She's an extraordinarily nonviolent cat, despite being not at all friendly or cuddly most of the time. I half-joked to Susan that Stardust seems to have a broken spirit, because she reacts to almost everything with such an air of miserable, long-suffering, but passive resignation and never attempts to defend herself against whatever indignities she has to endure. Susan agreed and wondered what sort of abuse I must have subjected my poor cat to that could cause her to behave this way.
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