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Marriage Equality Wiki

I've recently created a Marriage Equality Wiki, and I'd like to invite all of you to help get it started. I want to collect the personal stories of people around the world, telling how they've been personally affected by laws for or against same-sex marriage. You can add yourself to the lists of "Couples" and "Supporters" and create an individual page about yourself to talk about why same-sex marriage is important to you and how marriage laws have affected you personally. I created two templates called "Couples" and "Supporters" that give suggestions of things you might want to write about on your individual page, but you can also feel free to disregard the templates entirely. You can also upload pictures of yourselves or anything that you think might help move readers to support your cause.

The "Couples" page will list same-sex couples who either are legally married or want to be legally married. The "Supporters" page will list other people who support legal recognition of same-sex marriage (including queer people, straight people, single people, partnered people - anybody at all who's on our side). Both pages will link to each person's individual story, and with any luck, both groups will have some very moving stories to tell. If we all put some effort into telling our own stories, I think the wiki could become a valuable collaborative resource in future political battles worldwide.

The wiki is brand new right now, so if you see anything at all that you think should be changed or improved, I'd very much appreciate if you'd either edit and improve it yourself or let me know what you think should be done. Thank you!
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