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Volunteers Needed!

So far, still no one but me has posted anything on the new Marriage Equality Wiki. I want to start publicizing it to a wider audience, but first I want a few example profiles posted on it to help show people how it can work. Right now I only have my own profile as an example. I would very much like some volunteers to post profiles--especially people in the following categories, because my own profile does not provide an example of these categories:
  • queer people who aren't currently married or engaged but who care a lot about having the opportunity to be;
  • people in legally recognized same-sex marriages;
  • men in same-sex couples who are or want to be legally married;
  • bisexuals in legally recognized opposite-sex marriages;
  • heterosexuals who care a lot about same-sex marriage;
  • and probably lots of other categories I haven't even thought of yet.
Please, will some of you volunteer? Read the questions listed in my own profile and think about how you might answer them yourself. You don't have to answer all of them; just pick out any of them that you feel like answering. Or if you're not part of a same-sex couple that is or wants to be legally married, here are the questions from the template that you would be asked:
  • Was there a time in your life when you didn't support same-sex marriage?
  • How have laws for or against same-sex marriage affected the way you have thought and felt about same-sex couples at various times in your life?
  • How have ballot initiatives for or against same-sex marriages affected you?
  • What experiences or beliefs have led you to support same-sex marriage?
  • Have you been able to legally marry the person of your choice? If so, how has this helped you? If not, how has this hurt you?
  • Do you have friends or relatives who have married members of the same sex? If so, did the government recognize those marriages? Did the couples have to wait years before the government recognized their marriages?
  • What have you done to support friends or relatives whose same-sex marriages aren't or weren't fully recognized by the government? What would you like to do to support friends or relatives in that situation?
  • What would you like to say to people who oppose same-sex marriage?
  • What would you like people to do more of to help get same-sex marriages recognized in more parts of the world?
See, it's like a LiveJournal survey! Everybody loves filling out LiveJournal surveys! So please, can you just go fill out this one on the Marriage Equality Wiki? It won't take long, it will make me very happy, and hopefully, it will help promote the cause of same-sex marriage. You don't even have to register or create a username. You don't have to use your real name either, if you don't want to. You can post a link to your LiveJournal if you want to, and perhaps meet some new LJ friends through it - or don't post a link if you don't want to. And no, this wiki isn't just for queer by choice people, nor is it my personal property. It's for everyone who supports same-sex marriage, and it belongs to everyone who decides to help edit it. Please help!
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