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Hammon Grove Park

Yesterday, Susan and I took the dogs to Hammon Grove Park. She was feeling guilty about the fact that we'll be going campng without the dogs next weekend for our geology class, so she wanted to give the dogs an outing with us before then. And I hadn't seen the park before, so I was eager to explore it.

There is an area near the entrance that looks like an ordinary city park, with an artificial lawn and such. This seems a little out of place, because the park is in a rural area. Also, there were people there with little yappy dogs off-leash that wouldn't leave our dogs alone, so we couldn't stay in the same area as them. But behind this area is a wilderness preserve, with a trail leading to the Yuba River. There is a wide canal that separates the park from the road and continues alongside the trail. Here are some California sycamore trees overhanging the canal.

The trail leads through a grove of gray pines . . .

And blue oaks.

It leads to the river. For whatever reason, there aren't anywhere near as many trees on the opposite side of the river.

Susan, Boston, and Ganymede wasted no time jumping in the river.

"Please throw a rock for me to chase," Boston begged. And she didn't stop begging for the entire time we were there, no matter how many rocks we threw. (Susan threw the vast majority of them. I have no ability to throw.)

Ganymede isn't all that crazy about water, so although he went in a little way a few times, he spent most of his time on dry land. I spent all of my time on dry land, so here I am with Ganymede's leash hanging around my neck and Ganymede's head (not attached to the leash) on my thigh.

I took photographs of the local plants, such as this blue oak . . .

And this interior live oak . . .

And this shrub I haven't been able to identify.

Susan lay on a picnic table to read, and Ganymede lay with her.

Boston was still in the river, begging for more rocks.

A rowboat went by, with people fishing in it.

Susan took an interest in a large pile of reddish rocks, which she thinks were volcanic. We found a lizard on them.

And another lizard! This one seemed to have lost its tail recently and only partly regrown it. The tail was too small for the rest of its body.

This very white plant near the lizards caught my eye. I think it's pearly everlasting (Gnaphalium spp.). The green plant intertwined with it is yerba santa (Eriodictyon californicum).

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