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Black Butte Lake and Stony Gorge Reservoir

We decided to go on a one-day camping Friday night with the geology professor we recently took a class from at Lassen, and with some of the other geology students. It wasn't for a class this time, but rather for the college geology club. We brought our dogs. The professor and her husband were bringing their dogs too.

Except we never found them. The professor gave us a sheet of directions that she had printed out from the Reserve America website. We followed the directions and ended up at Black Butte Lake, which was where the professor had said we were going. It looked like this.

We located a group campsite at the place the directions led us to. But it was a weird group campsite. It was huge. It contained a children's playground, a gigantic gazebo-type structure set up for large group meetings to be held under it, a sort of deck or balcony built into the hillside overlooking the reservoir, and enough parking spaces for about 50 cars. Susan estimated that reserving it would have cost the professor about $100. Our group only contained about six people and could easily have made do with two or, at most, three individual sites for $28-$42.

Also, no one was there but us. We waited an hour, but still no one else arrived.

(That's Susan's truck in the parking lot, behind the children's playground and the gazebo.)

Then I looked back at the printout of the directions and noticed that the name of the group campsite listed on the side of the printout didn't match the name of the site we were at. In fact, it wasn't even at the same lake we'd been told we were going to! It was at Stony Gorge Reservoir rather than Black Butte Lake. We debated whether the professor had made reservations for the campsite name listed and been given incorrect directions to it by the Reserve America website or whether she had made reservations for the campsite the directions led to and Reserve America just listed the other campsite name on the side of the page because it happened to be within the map area shown. We tried calling the professor's cell phone to ask her, but she didn't answer and didn't call back in response to Susan's message. Eventually we decided to go looking for the other campsite at the other reservoir. It took us more than another hour of driving to arrive at Stony Gorge Reservoir.

At last, we located the group campsite named on the printout the professor had given us. But there was another group staying in it, and no sign of our group. So we just found an individual campsite nearby and camped there by ourselves.

Apparently the professor and the other students arrived at Black Butte Lake at around the time we were arriving at Stony Gorge Reservoir. They camped at Black Butte Lake. But we had a good time without them at Stony Gorge Reservoir.
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