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Riverfront Park

Yesterday I went to a city park on the Feather River. I was hoping that a history festival that (according to the Internet) had been held there in past years on the first weekend in October would still be held, but I was pretty sure the festival no longer existed, and indeed no such festival was anywhere to be seen. So instead, I explored the nature area along the river. It wasn't well taken care of; it was covered with litter, invasive alien weeds, and dumped furniture. I found a chair in the river and these two couches on the shore.

However, some native plants did survive. Here's a box elder.

Here's a valley oak.

Here's a San Joaquin black willow on the river.

I tasted a few of these elderberries - for some reason I've never tried any before - and was surprised at how good they tasted. I picked five to bring home to Susan. I lost one on the way home, but brought her the other four. She also was surprised at how good they tasted. Technically, I poisoned both of us, because California's native elderberries contain small amounts of cyanide when eaten raw. However, you'd have to eat large quantities of them to get sick from it. If you want to eat large quantities, cook them first to destroy the cyanide.

I also tasted one of these native rose hips, but I hadn't realized it would be hollow and full of seeds inside. Not much to eat.

The clusters of black things on these plants, however, are not edible. Nor are they fruit. Nor are they part of the plants at all. These black things on the plants are beetles. Hundreds of little black beetles, crawling all over each other. I have no idea what type of plant these are, and no idea why they attracted so many beetles.

There was also a bunch of invasive alien tree tobacco.

And last but not least, graffiti under the bridge. This one says "Almost dead . . ." in the upper left and "The origin of silk" across the middle. I have no idea what that's supposed to be about.

Somebody else in this ultra-Republican small town has gay pride! (Too bad the rest of what this person wrote with that same glittery gold paint was, er, less than pride-inducing. It was typical graffiti consisting mostly of four-letter words, except for this one corner of it that I photographed.)

Another person has Jesus (this person apparently ran out of orange paint after the first three letters), and still another has white supremacism.

(But wait - racism doesn't exist anymore now that Obama's president! It must be old graffiti from back when racism existed. The person who wrote it must by now have seen the error of his or her ways and now be a major donor to the local chapter of the NAACP. Yes, I'm sure that must be what happened.)

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