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Today, people in Maine are voting to revoke the already established right of same-sex couples to marry. Polls say the race is too close to call, but I'm not feeling optimistic. I think that just like in California, the "ban same-sex marriage" side is being underreported in the polls but will show up to vote. If so, this will be depressing for several reasons:
  1. A bunch more couples will have their weddings called off by statewide vote today, just as Susan and I had ours called off by statewide vote last November.
  2. The marriage equality side had a much bigger fundraising advantage in Maine than in California, but this doesn't seem to have offset the disadvantage that heterosexuals simply outnumber us, and a majority of them seem all too willing to throw us under the bus, at least when even the flimsiest scare tactic is waved in front of them.
  3. The Maine No on 1 campaign doesn't appear to have done anything particularly stupid, unlike the California No on 8 campaign, which has been criticized for many things but in my opinion deserves the most serious blame for its failure to organize any serious get-out-the-vote efforts on election day. But it seems that the greater competence of the Maine campaign hasn't done any good.
  4. Maine is in New England, where legal same-sex marriage began in 2004 and is now widely established. Maine is also located next to Quebec and Nova Scotia, which have both had legal same-sex marriage since 2004 as well. New England is smaller than California, and the result of all this is that nearly everyone in Maine has repeatedly visited places where same-sex marriage is legal. They should therefore have been able to see or themselves that the sky in those places has not fallen. But if they vote the way I fear they will today, then I can only conclude that they are too stupid or uncaring to notice or acknowledge this fact, even with the ample opportunities they had.
So what can we do about all this? Educate yourself about the San Francisco marketing/public relations company - Criswell Associates - to whom the homophobic Stand for Marriage Maine paid 62% of its entire Yes on 1 campaign budget. Criswell Associates, which is estimated to consist of only 1 to 4 people, and which may or may not consist entirely of Bill Criswell, subcontracted much of its homophobic campaign work to Amador Media, a marketing/public relations firm in Walnut Creek (near Oakland), California. Amador Media seems to consist entirely of one person, Kristin Amador, who works from home.

Criswell Associates does not have much of a website, but the video on its homepage implies that it is affiliated in some way with Coyote Films and has an advertising contract with Blue Diamond Growers. Amador Media has a bit more of a website and provides a list of its clients: Criswell Associates, Digital Chocolate, Dan Dwyer Productions, Franklin Templeton Investments, J. Stokes & Associates, Hill Holliday Advertising, Limelife, MacKenzie Communications, Madison Sproul & Partners, Motive Marketing Group, Inc., Palmer Advertising, Peet's Coffee & Tea, RBG Marketing, Inc., Robert Anthony Strategic Marketing and Design, San Francisco Symphony, and SwiftPartners.

Bottom line: These clients are paying money to the main benefactors of the homophobic Stand for Marriage Maine/Yes on Question 1 campaign - and if these clients stopped doing that, then Bill Criswell and Kristin Amador might find that the economic costs of working as professional homophobes outweighed the economic benefit to them, in the long run. So write to the clients and urge them to show Bill Criswell and Kristin Amador that being professional homophobes can cost them as much money as it makes them.

And while you're at it, please take two minutes to add a statement of your support for same-sex marriage to the Marriage Equality Wiki, which has been significantly reorganized since the last time I mentioned it. It now lists everyone who supports same-sex marriage on a single page, which I think will make it more effective than ever - but it needs your statement of support to help it grow!
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