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I Heart My Luddite

Susan is sitting next to me on the couch, reading the comments left at the end of an online article and exclaiming at great length, in shocked tones, "None of the things any of these people are saying have anything to do with the article they're responding to! They're just saying random things about their own lives or having stupid arguments about irrelevant topics! Why do all these people have their facts blatantly wrong? Why do they bizarrely equate pointing out racism or using the word 'racism' with being racist? Why can't any of them spell or punctuate or capitalize or type at all? Why do the few people who actually mention the article keep referring to the author by her first name, as if they know her?"

I tried to explain that one should never, ever, ever read comments sections at the end of articles on the Internet, because every single one of them anywhere on the Internet is exactly like this.

She says she has never read a comments section on an online article before and has never witnessed this sort of stupidity before.

Isn't she adorable?
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