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Farmer Gayle Picks the First Pumpkin; Assistant Farmer Boston Goes to the Hospital

I clipped the first fully ripe pumpkin off the plant yesterday, and Susan photographed the event.

Unfortunately, Assistant Pumpkin Farmer Boston was unable to witness the event. She spent last night in the veterinary hospital and is still there today. We don't really know what's wrong with her. She was fine until Friday evening, when she suddenly threw up vast quantities of the most ghastly-smelling vomit imaginable. It wasn't the normal stink of dog vomit, but an unearthly stench that words are not adequate to express. We thought she'd be fine now that whatever was in her was no longer in her, but on Saturday morning she didn't want to eat breakfast. She did want to drink a whole lot of water, but Susan noticed that the inside of her mouth felt dry. Late Saturday evening, she threw up several more times, and at least some of those times, it had the same stench. On Sunday we took her to the vet, because she hardly wanted to do anything anymore but lie on the ground and look pathetic - she didn't even follow me out into the yard for the daily survey of the garden like she had done on Saturday, but simply lay on the patio looking glassy-eyed and ill.

At the veterinary hospital, she's been getting IV rehydration and anti-nausea medication. An X-ray found nothing inside her that shouldn't have been there, and we don't know of anything she could have eaten around here that might cause this. I looked up all the plants in the yard on Google for toxic effects on dogs, and although there are a few that could make her throw up - milkweed, oleanders, elderberry, and some plants that I think are chrysanthemums - none of them seem like they should make her continue throwing up all weekend, and all except the chrysanthemums have been there for at least a year - two years for the milkweed and three years for the oleanders - without the dogs having any problems from them. Most of them are supposed to taste horrible enough to discourage dogs from trying to eat them. Also, none of Boston's vomit contained any visible plant parts, so I think it's more likely that her illness was not caused by eating any plants. Susan is worried that someone might have thrown something poisonous over the fence from the apartment complex next door, but at least at the moment, I'm more inclined to believe that Boston has a disease of some sort rather than poisoning - perhaps just a sort of canine version of stomach flu, though probably not something contagious, since Ganymede hasn't caught it.

Also, Farmer Gayle is turning 34 tomorrow! With any luck, I should have Assistant Farmer Boston back home by then as a birthday present. She could come home this afternoon, depending on whether she eats and keeps down the food that the vet offers her.

Edited to add: Boston is back home now. We still don't know what caused the problem, and the vet didn't really do anything other than giving her the IV rehydration and anti-nausea medication. But at least she no longer looks glassy-eyed. Now we're supposed to give her 3 to 4 very small meals per day of rice, cottage cheese, and chicken for the next five days, followed by a week of gradually transitioning back to her normal diet.
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