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Math-o-Lantern 2010

Grown by me, carved by me, and used by Susan to terrify our trick-or-treaters tonight - especially the many who were her current or former math students. Kids who gave the correct answer got extra candy.

Among the reactions we got were:

"Two sixths?" (from a ten- or eleven-year-old)

"One eighth?" (from a fifteen-year-old)

"Three fourths! Three fourths! Three fourths!" (from a very excited eleven- or twelve-year-old, who continued to repeat it emphatically even after being told she was right and being given extra candy for it)

"You can't put school on a pumpkin!" (from a seven-year-old, quite huffily)

"One half plus one fourth . . . I don't know what that is either." (from a parent, terrifyingly)

Susan helped many of the kids figure it out eventually, since only three of them got it without help. She did not help the parent, so I guess the parent still has no idea what the answer is.

If you missed it, also see last year's math-o-lantern entry here.
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