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Electrical Explosions

We had rather an unplanned adventure today. Apparently a string of four electrical transformers on our street blew out, one at a time, over the course of the morning, starting small fires on front lawns all up and down the street, and shutting off power to half the neighborhood. We were among the last to suffer a power outage, but we had no idea that any of this was going on until our own power went out. It stayed out for about six hours. We're told that the electric company's initial estimates were that our power would remain out until Tuesday! Since I work from home, this would have prevented me from working. Actually, since I have been working 50 hours per week for months, I really needed to work a few hours today also, and this did prevent me from working. But it would have been even worse if I couldn't work until some point on Tuesday.

There were police cars and fire trucks directly in front of our house, and a yellow plastic banner blocking access to our street, and flames shooting from a lawn a few houses down from us. Some houses near the first transformer that blew out were evacuated, because the electric company was afraid that when they tried to turn it back on, it might actually blow up the houses. We didn't get evacuated, but even though our power is finally back on, there are still several trucks down the street working on the first transformer.

There was a run on ready-to-serve foods at our local grocery store, but Susan went there well before our usual dinner time and managed to get us some before they ran out. Half the people in the neighborhood gathered outside on their driveways, and our next-door neighbors, who know that we have fifty million books in our house, asked to borrow a bunch of children's books from Susan's shelf of them. Soon our driveway was filled with all the small children of the neighborhood, gathered in little circles while the teenage boys of the neighborhood, dressed in wannabe-gangster clothes and looking extremely out of place, yet with nothing else to do in the absence of electricity, read fairy tales to the smaller children from Susan's books. It was an odd sight.

Stardust and Spider spent some time bonding by hiding together under our bed to get away from the dogs. I spent some time digging out the Santa Barbara sedge in the back yard, because although it's a native and I paid good money for it several years ago, it had begun invading areas where I didn't want it, much like the rushes had, and I've decided that the only grasslike plants I want in the yard are the clustered field sedge, the alkali sacaton, the volunteer annual toad rushes, and the volunteer mystery grass that's probably alta fescue. Those four all look fantastic for at least half the year, which is enough for them to earn their keep.

I blame the fact that I've been working 50 hours per week, and also the fact that we've been integrating a new cat into the household, for my failure to come up with an April Fool's Day post yesterday. I thought of various ideas, but none of them seemed especially better than any of the others, and I didn't have the time or energy to develop one in enough detail to make it properly funny. So I let the day pass without telling you about how I planted the whole yard with native poison oak or invasive Chinese trees-of-heaven or converted the back yard to a koi pond or spotted the Loch Ness monster in the ditch in the back yard or quit my job to become a professional something-related-to-gardening. Next year I hope to do better, provided that I'm not still working 50 hours per week. I really don't mind working thus many hours for a month or two - the extra money is nice, especially after I spent so long unemployed - but I've currently been working 50 hours every week for more than three months - even when there's a holiday I skip the holiday and continue working 50 hours per week - and I'm going to have to continue doing this for at least two more months without any break at all, so it's been getting to me lately.
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