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Miscellaneous Completely Unrelated Thoughts

Imp should read the article "Teen Girls More Likely to Be Cyber-Schizoid?" immediately. Thanks to Richard Evans Lee for the link.

Everyone needing a laugh should read the article "Mayor Banishes Satan from Town" immediately. Thanks to Richard Evans Lee by way of Frank Episale for that one.

Everyone who cares about human rights should take note that the United States has now killed as many people in Afghanistan as the number of Americans who died in the terroist attacks on September 11th. Thanks to Frank Episale for passing on this article by Robert Fisk.

Oh, and if I were a Star Trek captain, I would be:
# 1 Benjamin Sisko
# 2 Jean-Luc Picard
# 3 Kathryn Janeway
# 4 James T. Kirk

(Apparently this quiz predates the launch of the Enterprise series.)
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