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It Snowed! It Snowed!

It snowed! It snowed! Real snow, not just a large amount of hail that sort of looks like snow, which is somewhat less unheard of here. But real snow! I don't think it's ever before snowed this much at my home in my adult life. It snowed about this much once when I was a kid, and also once in the first winter after I was born. But not since then.

It snowed for about 20 minutes! And then it stopped for about an hour, and I took pictures. And then it rained for about 20 minutes. By the time the rain stopped, the snow was all gone. Then the sun came out, and it hasn't stopped shining brightly ever since.

But look! It snowed on my very own house!

snow in the front yard!

It snowed in the front yard!

snow in the front yard!

It snowed in the back yard!

snow in the back yard!

snow around the pecan tree!

It snowed in the food garden!

snow in the food garden!

It snowed in the other side yard, too!

snow in the side yard!

It snowed in the plant pots!

snow in the plant pots!

It snowed in the garden beds!

snow in the garden beds!

It snowed on the bench under the pecan tree!

snow on the bench!

It even snowed on the roof!

snow on the roof!

Look! It snowed!

snow in the back yard!
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