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Injury Inventory

Right Hand

The stabbing pains in my right palm that would come out of nowhere for no apparent reason and were supposedly symptoms of the bacterial infection there have gone away. This is somewhat remarkable because they continued right on up to the day before I ran out of antibiotics, so I was becoming convinced that the antibiotics were worthless against whatever horrible strain of bacteria was lurking on that asphalt parking lot I fell on. But the pains have been gone for four days now, so I guess the bacteria finally did die after all.

I've also dug almost all the gravel out of my skin, and the indentation where a visible chunk of my palm had been scraped off on the asphalt and my scab was inset at a lower depth than the rest of my skin has gradually vanished. My scab has risen to surface level and my palm is now fully palm-shaped again. Also, as of today I can now rest my palm on the paper while writing again and it no longer causes me to yelp in agony (at least not if I'm reasonably careful about it).

Left Knee

Most of my scab here has peeled off, though the skin underneath is a rather disturbing shade of deep purple. However, the fluorescent green bruise surrounding it has faded considerably, so at least the color clash is minimized.

Continuing annoyance: my knee itches continually all day long.

Left Shoulder

The pinkish-brown bruise that used to be here is gone entirely.


Alive, but not in the best of shape.

My self hurts.
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