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I have a job interview tomorrow. And another two job interviews that I'm in the process of scheduling for sometime next week. So far I've landed an interview for every job I've applied for. Of course, landing an interview is always the relatively easy part for me, since written expression for me is easier than verbal expression. But that's probably fairly common among people who apply for editing jobs, right?

At least they're only phone interviews. That simplifies things somewhat. Hopefully phone interviews will be enough, considering that the jobs themselves are full-time telecommuting jobs, but I don't know for sure. If they want me to travel across the country for an in-person interview I'm in trouble, because I have no idea how to get any time off work to do that. Also, my hands are stained from harvesting pecans and also covered in glue and paint primer from attempting to finish home-repair projects before the weather gets too cold for it to be convenient to leave windows open. I would not make a great visual impression at the moment. Can we make it fashionable to wear gloves during job interviews? It would be helpful to me. Seriously, my hands are dark brown with white polka dots (paint primer). The rest of me is white with brown polka dots (freckles). It's an awkward combination.

In the meantime, did you know that working 60-hour weeks, anticipating a layoff, going on job interviews, and having dealt with nearly constant major stresses for the past year does not actually result in a free pass on all other stresses in life? It doesn't. My automatic sprinkler system decided yesterday to fail to turn off, ever again. I fiddled with the sprinkler system (replacing the battery, manually resetting all the times) and had no luck. I asked Google to tell me how to shut off all the water to my house. Google told me how to shut off all the water to a whole bunch of other people's houses, but none of the explanations seemed to apply to my house. I called a plumber, offering to pay emergency weekend fees to get him to come shut off my water. He was busy and did not want to bother showing up, but he did talk me through the process of figuring out how to shut off all the water to my house. Great! Now every time I want my water to work, I have to walk outside and flip the switch, and then my sprinklers will go on again and remain on until I shut off all the water again. Apparently most houses have separate switches for the water in their house versus the water in their yard, but for my house . . . no such luck. And I still need someone to come fix it. Supposedly an irrigation system specialist will come this evening. I hope they can fix it this evening, because you know when I really can't deal with getting my sprinklers fixed? In the middle of a job interview.

Also, my washing machine has decided to flood the laundry room whenever I use it. This means the pipes are clogged again, which means I need to call a plumber for that too. (I tried buying drain cleaner fluids already, but they weren't adequate. There's a pipe in the laundry room that needs to be totally disassembled to be cleaned, and I'm not sure I'm up to the task.)

The good news, house-wise, is that Project Frantically Throw Away All the Food in the Cupboards appears to have had considerable success in ridding me of my sudden infestation of Mediterranean flour moths. After I finished killing all the moths I could see, I bought some glue traps with flour moth pheromone. The traps have only caught one single moth in the past couple of weeks, and that's the only sign of moths I've seen. However, Mediterranean flour moths (and all other types of pantry moths) habitually disappear at this time of year anyway due to the temperature change, so I'm still worried that they may come back next spring. I plan to continue keeping everything in my cupboards packed in airtight containers for at least a year. It's difficult, though, because my house was built by some sort of cabinet fetishist who equipped it with more square feet of cabinet space than many people have of living space, and although this is lovely under most circumstances, it tends to tempt me into buying and storing entire grocery stores worth of dry goods . . . and now I have to let most of that space go to waste, because I don't want to have to buy entire grocery stores worth of canning jars to seal all my dry goods in.

Speaking of grocery stores, I really need some time to go to one. And I don't have any time to go to one. And I have no idea when I will have time. Why are there so many complications to deal with at once?

Edit: Sprinklers have now been looked at. Water is now shut off only to my yard, not to my entire house: this is possible after all, for people who are better at finding the appropriate switches than I am. But it's going to cost about $300 to make the sprinklers work right again. And will involve replacing ancient metal pipes from decades ago with modern PVC. The metal pipes look so much sturdier! I want to be able to fix them. I want to be able to fix everything myself. Why am I not able to fix everything myself? Because modern technology is complicated. And I like modern technology. But I do not like being unable to ever fix anything myself.

(Except paint. I'm really good at painting walls and ceilings, and getting the paint all over my hands in the process. I will try to take comfort in this. Also, it's okay not to know how to do these things, because the jobs I am interviewing for are not jobs doing irrigation system repair. If I just get hired for an editing job, I'll probably feel much better about not knowing how to do all the other jobs in the world.)
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