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It is not a bad idea to store dry goods in airtight containers in your kitchen. This is in fact quite a valid idea, particularly if you've suffered a past invasion of Mediterranean flour moths and are trying to make sure not to give them access to any of your food ever again.

Glass jars of the sort pictured below are a good type of airtight container to use for this purpose. This glass jar is half filled with quinoa.

However, if you choose to store dry goods in heavy glass jars in your kitchen, I highly recommend against storing those jars on top of your refrigerator. Particularly if you're short enough that the top of your refrigerator is not in your direct line of sight when you open your refrigerator.

Because, well, these jars are fairly heavy. And sometimes items on top of the refrigerator somehow end up not so much on top of the refrigerator itself anymore as on top of the refrigerator door. And then when you open the refrigerator door, they end up somewhere else entirely.

Also, sometimes you might open the refrigerator barefoot.


I opened the refrigerator door barefoot. The glass jar of quinoa fell on my left big toe. Actually, it seems to have bounced off my right shin a few times first, which is good; that probably reduced the force of its final landing. But my left big toe is still rather unhappy. Much more unhappy than my right shin.

This happened on Thursday night, and my toe is feeling significantly less bad now than it did for the first day. The first day was continuous, throbbing pain. Now it's less bad, but I'm still limping when I walk. Though I did manage to mow the back lawn today, despite the limping. Mowing the lawn also involved putting on shoes for the first time, which was scary, but I managed. I'm not actually limping very badly anymore. If I continue getting better at the current pace, I should be able to walk normally again within another day or two. Which is to say that it's healing fast enough that I'm fairly certain my toe is not broken. Which, considering the weight of the glass jar that fell on it, seems like quite a stroke of luck. In a further stroke of luck, the glass jar is not broken either. Hooray! It was still a fairly traumatic injury, though.

And now that I'm regaining my mobility, I need to reorganize my kitchen to put all the glass jars behind cupboard doors.


Also, I'm afraid I may be due to find out soon what it's like to have a toenail fall off. The jar largely missed my actual toenail, but it landed rather squarely on the cuticle, and there's enough blood under the toenail that my Internet research leads me to expect bad things.
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