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Very Short Survey, Because I Deleted 37 of the Questions for Being Too Boring

1. [spell your name backwards]: Which name? Elyag is the only one that comes out pronounceable.
2. [where do you live?]: Otnemarcas, spelled backwards.
3. [describe yourself in three words]: Three is not enough.
4. [who is your worst enemy?]: Ignorance.
5. [if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?] A miniature bonobo. (It has to be miniature because I'm not into having pets who are stronger than I am.)
6. [wallet]: Dark green leather, a gift from my Aunt Kitty about seven years ago. Contains $57 right now, plus a few nickels and dimes, and the usual other wallet-type stuff.
7. [brush]: I don't own one, and haven't used one since I was 11. All they ever did was cause split ends, and my hair is much better behaved now that I've learned to just leave it alone.
8. [tattoos]: I don't do needles.
9. [piercings]: See #10.
10. [makeup]: I would never paint myself unless I were going to be an exhibit at an art museum. And if I were going to be an exhibit, I'd be a surrealistic painting which would bear no resemblance whatsoever to the usual painted women I see around me.
11. [hair]: Dark reddish brown, curly, slightly wet at the moment. Long. Much appreciated.
12. [wishing]: Primary wish involves an ex-friend being nice to me. Secondary wish involves parents being nice to me. Tertiary wish involves a hundred thousand dollars being magically dropped in my lap.
13. [after this]: I am now going to sit on my kitchen floor and paint. But not myself. I'm going to paint other things.
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