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Spring Native Plant Sales!

Today I attend the first of the spring native plant sales. It was in Placerville - about an hourand a half away from me, but quite close to where my parents live, and practically right next to where my brother lives. I'm driving to see my parents tomorrow, but I'll be going via a different route, so between the two days of this weekend I'll drive more than 300 miles and pass through six counties: El Dorado, Sacramento, Nevada, Placer, Sutter, and Yuba. I also came within sight of Yolo County today, but I didn't cross the river to actually enter it.

Actually, I only entered Sacramento County and came within sight of Yolo County because I missed a turn. The missed turn landed me unexpectedly in Rancho Cordova, where I lived from 1999 to 2008, and I needed gasoline, so I thought, "I'll just drive through my old neighborhood and go to the gas station that I always used to go to." But I've been away for long enough that the neighborhood was less familiar than I expected it to be, so I got distracted by all the new sights and the unexpected foreignness of it all and missed that turn too, so then I stayed off the freeway for much longer than I'd planned because I had to look for a new gas station, and along the way I ended up on a strange tour of my entire past life, in that way that only happens if you've lived your entire past life in a fairly small geographic region. It went like this: "Oh look, this is my early adulthood! Now here's my college! And I had a doctor appointment here once about ten years ago! Now I'm somewhere near my dead grandmother's house! Ack, here's where I proposed marriage in the form of a Spenserian sonnet that I wrote myself, which was all very well except that it turns out I picked a terrible person to address it to. And now here's where I got radiation treatments for cancer last year! And my high school co-best friend lives near here too, with her husband. And here's Lavender Heights, where the gay bookstores used to be that have both gone out of business now. Ick, this was where my icky boyfriend from 20 years ago (!!!) used to work. Which is also part of the scene of a more recent bad date. And now I'm where I met sammka earlier this month. . . . and now I'm on the freeway, following the same route I used to take to see my irritating ex who trapped me in Marysville by buying a house with me one year before dumping me."

So my life sort of flashed before my eyes, and continued doing so for half an hour or so. Some of it was parts of my life that I got to write for myself, more or less. Other parts felt more as if other people vandalized my life and scribbled all over it with things I never wanted in it. Oh well. Life for most people seems to consist in large part of making the best of other people's vandalism, trying to come up with one's own designs to overwrite it with, like the way people seek to cover up unwanted tattoos by designing new ones that creatively incorporate the old ones.

Anyway, I got plants! I got up early, drove to Placerville, and came home with all these plants. Then I spent a few hours talking to Mikie, and then I spent a few hours planting the plants. I got most of them planted. I saved some of the larger ones for later because I haven't finished deciding quite which shrubs I want where. I might save them until after the next plant sale so I'll know what other shrubs I'll have to choose from. The plants shown below are (read from left to right and top to bottom as if the two boxes were pages of a book) bush anemone, golden currant, Oregon grape, low blueblossom, seep monkeyflower, two narrowleaf mule ears plants, another seep monkeyflower, two-tooth sedge, soap lily, Eastern Mojave buckwheat, death camas, and hummingbird sage.


I'm still rather disappointed with the way my garden looks so far this spring. It just isn't living up to last year in my eyes. I blame the drought. Though we had that last year too! So I don't know what to think. But I do have a decent field of meadowfoam blooming in my culinary garden now. (Meadowfoam seeds are edible, so it does make some sense to have meadowfoam in the culinary garden, though I've never yet actually tried eating them. I should probably do that this year.) Here is my field of meadowfoam.

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