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Same-sex marriage is finally legal all across the United States!

Perhaps if this had happened back in 2008 when I got engaged, Susan wouldn't have been able to lead me on for five more years by saying she wanted to marry me when she didn't actually have to go through with it and might quite possibly have backed out sooner if she did have to.

Or then again, possibly she would have actually married me and then we would have had to bother with divorce lawyers. Who knows? But I'm glad that many more people will now be in a position of being both allowed and expected to actually go through with it if they say they want to marry someone.

(And may no one ever, ever, ever again have to do what I had to do in 2008: to drive a car, while newly engaged, down streets lined with protesters waving signs campaigning to call off my wedding. It should be completely unthinkable for anyone to ever be allowed to vote on anyone else's wedding for any reason whatsoever, no matter how good or bad the arguments for and against their right to marry may be. Voting on anywhere near such a personal aspect of someone else's life as that is a completely unjustifiable inducement to lifelong grudges, family feuds, and violence.)
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