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Front Yard Before & After

I did a thing!

August 10, with shovel and wheelbarrow parked at the front porch as I prepared to start digging:


August 29, fully dug and mulched:


No plants in it yet, but I'm all ready for this year's fall plant sales. And from now on, I have slightly less lawn to mow! And for the next year or two, I have a new area that I will have to keep extremely carefully weeded to prevent the Bermuda grass from reclaiming it as lawn. But this is nothing new; I have new areas like that after every summer, because every summer I dig out more lawn.

I haven't fully decided yet what to do with this space. A bench in front of the window is a possibility. I have some stepping-stones I can add once I figure out where they should go. A few large rocks would be great, but I have limited ability to lift large rocks all by myself and am not feeling like paying someone else to bring some in anytime soon, so if I get any rocks they're going to have to be merely medium-sized. In any case, whatever else ends up there, there will be plants. And most of them will be native. Also, I'm pretty sure that some of them will be strawberries, because this is a good spot for growing strawberries, and because I like strawberries. I'll need to choose a strawberry cultivar that won't constantly send runners over the pavement, though. There will also probably be a few shrubs, something like California snowdrop, ninebark, or chaparral currant. Elk clover, a shrub-sized native plant that disappears under the ground every winter, is also a possibility. Smaller plants might include island coral bells, bush monkeyflowers, evergreen currant, creeping sage, hummingbird sage, blue witch, California goldenrod, and mountain meadow rue.
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