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Boyfriend Pictures!

I have a boyfriend! I have a hot young 34-year-old boyfriend who has all sorts of impressive talents and charms in addition to being gorgeous. His name is Barry! In this post I'm going to show you pictures to illustrate how delightful and talented and beautiful he is.

We will start here, with the very first picture I took of him. He was cooking corned beef for me in his kitchen, with eggs on top. I think it is entirely fair for me to claim credit for putting that smile on his face. Is there anyone in the world who has any kind of appreciation for the concept of boyfriends who doesn't want a boyfriend who cooks for them while smiling like that? No, I thought not. This is the ultimate in boyfriend perfection, right here. This is what every boyfriend-wanting person wants from a boyfriend.

Barry cooking

This next picture is my boyfriend in his living room working on That Thing He's Been Working On. He calls it a hologlobe. It's a 3D game board for a game that his gaming group is hosting, and he's building the whole thing from scratch, including the dark brown table it's sitting on (actually bolted down onto), although the table will become his coffee table after the game is over. The globe suspended above the table will be a fully assembled sphere when it's done, and it will be completely metal-plated (with metal hexagons and pentagons in the same sizes as the wooden ones). The metal-plated sphere will have a map of the world on it, like a globe, just adjusted as necessary for the fact that this globe has flat surfaces rather than being perfectly round. He's also making magnetic game pieces for all the various players in the gaming group, so the pieces will stick magnetically to the metal-plated globe and can be moved around into different parts of the world as the game progresses. The flat piece under the globe is a map of Antarctica, provided because it would be too difficult for people to see the actual bottom of the globe to move pieces on that.

My boyfriend builds big and complicated things! Things whose ability to exist has never occurred to you before! But now that you've seen this big and complicated thing he's building, you're totally curious about it, aren't you? Yes, you are.

Barry building a game table and 3D game board

This is a closeup of the map of Antarctica. I watched him paint a plain square sheet of plywood solid white with white paint. Then he put the painted board into his laser and laser-engraved it, and it came out round and looking like this!

Barry's map of Antarctica

This is my boyfriend in his woodworking and lasersmithing workshop. It is his garage, a three-car garage converted entirely to workshop. He was consulting his computer and determining what to do next with the laser. I was observing how adorable he is.

Barry in his workshop

I was also looking around at the pieces of laser-engraving he had done. I liked this one. It is important for boyfriends to be familiar with multidimensional concepts of the boy part of boyfriendness. My boyfriend is well educated.

gender constructor

This is a piece of my boyfriend's back yard. He has been building and staining planter boxes and the fence. My boyfriend makes planter boxes! Show me a gardener who does not want a boyfriend who makes planter boxes, and I will show you a fake gardener who does not actually like gardening. Even gardeners who have no other interest in boyfriends will at least want to platonically borrow a boyfriend for a while if he will make planter boxes for them. I have the boyfriend who makes planter boxes. I have the best boyfriend.

planter boxes that Barry built

I planted a whole bunch of plants all over my boyfriend's yard. This is because I am a great girlfriend, and also because I am a gardener, and gardeners like to plant things. One of the plants was a mock orange (Philadelphus lewisii). My boyfriend made laser-engraved plant labels for all the plants, because he is a great boyfriend. Then he made a fake plant and put it next to my mock orange, and labeled it "Mock Mock Orange (Philadelphus shenanigans)." Then he waited for me to stumble across it on my own. This is because he is not a merely ordinarily great boyfriend, but a funny and silly and sweet boyfriend who does great things like that in addition to being gorgeous.

Philadelphus shenanigans (mock mock orange)

Finally, this is a picture that my boyfriend took of me with two of his three cats. The orange one is Jazz, and the calico one is Calliope. Zydeco is not pictured, but all three cats are an important part of what makes my boyfriend the best boyfriend ever, because boyfriends are always better with cats. Everything is better with cats! Also you can see what an amazing boyfriend he is from how much I am smiling. I believe I have made it more than adequately clear by now how thoroughly my boyfriend is the best boyfriend ever. And no, you can't have him. He is all mine!

me with Jazz and Callie
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