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From Emode's Career Makeover

You're an Architect
For you, the world is like one giant puzzle, just waiting to be solved. In your undying quest for the truth, you're best at finding solutions to complex problems. Lucky for all of us, though, you love to share your brilliant thoughts. Your keen analytical skills and understanding of others makes you a vital player in the think tank. You thrive on the collaborative problem-solving process, could trouble shoot for NASA, and won't rest until the questions are answered. The world could use a few more divas like you.

Who's like you: Madeline Albright (former U.S. Secretary of State)

Similar likely careers: Psychologist, lawyer, market researcher, military strategist, PR strategist

Further Details

Your Motivation Style: 6
You're Balanced. You know how to juggle your personal and professional life, without getting too caught in the middle. You're not married to your job, and your family and friends probably appreciate that fact. You put your best effort into succeeding at work without letting it take over your life.

Your Conflict Style: 5
You're a Negotiator. You can look a conflict square in the eyes without getting overly dramatic. You strike a nice balance between keeping the peace and making sure that problems are dealt with. Your ability to see all sides to a problem means that you can be really helpful in easing political scuffles. You don't make a point of always being right, but you stand up for what you believe.

Your Leadership Style: 7
You're a Catalyst. You strike a balance between innovation and cautious skepticism. You know that perception is reality in the workplace, so new ideas are only successful if embraced by people who are trusted and liked. While open to change and trying new ideas in the workplace, you don't blindly go forward without careful consideration of the consequences.
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