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I'm the Source of the Term "P.U."?

I checked my counter today and discovered that somebody arrived at my website,, by asking Jeeves the following question:
What is the source of the phrase "P.U."?
It's actually a rather interesting question, but I must admit I'm both baffled and a bit offended about how my site came up eighth in Jeeves's answer list. I can't even check my counter these days without having insults hurled at me by some silly butler who's never even been within smelling distance of me.

Incidentally, does anybody know the real answer to the question? My dictionary was no help and neither was my brief attempt to interrogate Google. Now my curiosity is piqued.

I submitted it to the Disturbing Search Requests website. That makes three entries for me now. (The first two disturbing search requests to show up on my counter were "love ball" and "double-jointed self sex," for anyone who doesn't remember or wasn't reading my journal when the second one happened.)
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