Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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I think I've got myself a deal.

For $50, the folks at Garb the World are apparently willing to custom-sew velvet dresses to any specifications, in any color your heart desires.

I love it when the internet contrives not to disillusion me about my idealistic notion that if I just spend enough hours searching, I can find anything on it.

Plus, you can see now what an educational person I am to have on your friends list. Next time you develop an urgent craving for a very particular type of velvet dress, you'll know exactly where to go. Because you know, everybody does realize sooner or later that they desperately need a velvet dress. Just because it may not have happened to you yet, don't go getting any silly ideas about being immune to the craving. It'll happen to you, sooner or later.
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