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More Welcomes!

Welcome to LiveJournal, jessemaru and monkeyinboots . . . and there are still more Queerchoice list members on the way. It must be Recruitment Month or something. Oh, and there are some going the other way too . . . I got all excited today because I noticed that dragkingvenus has joined my mailing list.

I'm now personally responsible for recruiting aliendreamer, dlfke, frankepi, jessemarulentrot, and roguebear to LiveJournal. And among the people I found already members of LiveJournal, I'm personally responsible for recruiting asrai_d, black_pearl, dragkingvenus, embryomystic, mousevision, poohimsa, and rachelkb to my mailing list. So the score is currently 7 to 6 in favor of my list over LiveJournal in the Great Personnel Exchange, but it's a close race. And it's entirely possible that there are people I don't know about yet who I've also recruited to one or the other without knowing it, so the score above could easily be inaccurate.

I love being able to get to know all these people in more than one environment. I love when they stick around and allow me to get to know them for years at a time. I love that I've known frankepi and aliendreamer and lentrot for two or close to two years already. I hate when people vanish. I love when they don't.

I've been on LiveJournal for six months now. I like it. It's a mode of existence particularly well-suited to me, since for as long as I can remember I've never been able to go about my day without constantly narrating everythiing I do to an imaginary audience in my head, and now I have a consistent place to write that narration down, instead of haphazardly mailing different bits and pieces of it to different friends so no one can really follow the whole thing clearly. Now you can all follow it, and know me, and I can know you, and we can continue knowing each other for just as long as we both keep writing journals.

I like that.
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