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As Steam Rises from a Liquid Morning

The title is my magnetic poetry line of the day - it needs to be a last line, I think, but I haven't got anything to put in front of it yet. I've been trying to work out the best system for generating poetic lines as fast as possible - I've pushed all the prefix and suffix and conjunction magnets off into a corner where they're out of the way so that random ixtures of the remaining magnets have more life in them (because before that, I kept getting mixtures like "the ing es and ed of ly or s but" which I found distinctly uninspiring). Then I decided to remove all words which I can't realistically imagine myself ever using under any circumstances. The whole concept of banishing a word from my poetic vocabulary forever seems rather provocative, but the fact is, there are some words which I truly just can't ever see myself using. The list probably says something or other about me (though what that might be, I'm at a loss to guess) so I've decided to share it:
AOL - Archie - baud - bed death - beer - bikes - boyfriend - bugger - cigarette - coffee - CompuServe - cruising - Dorothy - drunk - gaydar - GIF - girlfriend - Gomorrah - gymboy - ISDN - Java - JPEG - lambda - lipstick - liquor - Mardi Gras - Meg - MIDI - naut - Nelly - Oz - Sappho - saut - technoweenie - telnet - tomboy - Veronica - wine - zucchini
They're mostly from the "gay" and "internet" word sets, from Fridge Fun (a different brand than magnetic poetry). The actual magnetic poetry brand sets are better designed and the words are chosen to actually be useful; the Fridge Fun brand sets seem to just throw in every unusual word they can think of because they find it amusing to include such things, but really it's very difficult to find much occasion to actually use their unusual words. Honestly, how much occasion can you possibly find to use the word "technoweenie" in poetry? And I can't even find "naut" or "saut" in the dictionary; what on earth do they mean?

I was reading the magnetic poetry anthology yesterday. My favorite poem in the book is this one:
boy s are fat grow ly men after have ing jobs
—Lisa Ruth Carpinone (age 8)
Oh, and I don't remember the details of the dream I was having when my alarm clock went off this morning, but I do remember that it took place at Hogwarts. I'm scared now. Is there a rehabilitation center for Harry Potter addicts? I've read all the books now so I have no more choice but to go cold turkey until the next one is released. It's a terrifying prospect.

But there are always dreams. I'm going to bed again now. Good night.
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