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One of Life's Small Mysteries

Where does one go to buy matches?

I see candles for sale in grocery stores all the time, but I've never seen matches for sale anywhere. What do they expect you to light the candles with? Where does one go to buy matches?

I think you're supposed to learn where to buy things by seeing your parents buy them. But I can't recall ever seeing my parents buy matches. My parents have a big silver bowl on top of their tallest bookshelves (they put it there to keep it out of reach of their small children, I believe, and then just never moved it anywhere else after we grew up) which is full of matchbooks that they brought home as free souvenirs from restaurants and vacations long ago, and when they need matches they just take one out of there. But I haven't been on vacation to anywhere that offered souvenir matchbooks, so I have no collection to draw from.

If I ever really needed a match for anything, I think I'd have to resort to rubbing two sticks together.
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