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Have People Ever Told You That You Look Like Anyone?

I just remembered, I wanted to mention that I heard the funniest thing on the radio this morning - the station was trying to set up their listeners on a blind date, and some guy called in to volunteer, and they asked him a bunch of questions to try to interest people in going out with him. From every single one of his answers you could tell he was an utter pompous ass - first they asked what he looked like and he said, "Oh, I'm 6'2" and 190, brown hair, blue eyes, I'm a pretty good looking guy I think." The DJs immediately said he sounded too good to be true so they were trying to find something wrong with him, asking "But do you have a job?" and then (because he did have one), "Let's put it this way, are you making enough money to take care of a lady in high style?" (annoying gender-stereotyped DJs these were, yes, and I notice they never try to set up any queer blind dates . . .) The pompous guy answered, "Oh yeah, I'd think so, I'm making plenty of money." And since he answered the follow-up questions about his hobbies by saying he likes to go boating and skiing all the time, I'd say yeah, this sounds like a guy whose wallet is heavily loaded. But anyway, this whole line of questioning went on quite a while, with the guy consistently presenting himself as the stereotypical masculine supposed ideal of mainstream hetero American culture. And then they asked, "Have people ever told you that you look like anyone?"

Pompous Guy (in the same suave, ultra-confident tone): "Oh yeah, definitely, people tell me that all the time."

(He doesn't elaborate, and a brief odd silence ensues as the DJs wait expectantly for more details.)

DJ: "That's great then, could you name some of the guys people have told you that you look like?"

Pompous Guy (tone still unchanged): "Well, like, a lot of people tell me I look just like David Letterman."

I couldn't stop laughing.
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