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Thank You

So many people seem to like me so much.

I always did think I deserved to be liked, but somehow when it actually happens it takes years and years to get used to. It's been going on for quite a while now but I haven't ceased to be taken aback by the more ardent expressions of it. I had pretty well adapted, in my pre-internet years, to the idea that I would only ever be really liked by one or two close friends. So now sometimes when I get too many compliments in a row and nobody complains, I start to wonder what the catch must be, how long this can possibly last.

Which is why . . . I think I've had all the compliments I can handle for today. Save the rest until some time when I might actually need them.

And: thank you, all you wonderful super-affectionate perpetually kind sweet loving people who are so good at making me feel appreciated. I hope I've found the time and the words to make you all feel equally appreciated, because you really are.

P.S. I love the fact that by posting this after 11 p.m., I can come off all humble-sounding by asking for "no more compliments for the rest of the day," yet probably not actually even lose any. ;-)
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