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GroovyCat Knows Where It's At

"i did a random painting of (what else?) a pear. i made a light yellow-orange-red blended background, and put a blue pear off centre near the lower left corner. it was shaded fairly decently, for a blue pear, i thought. the whole thing was meant to clash horribly and be a kind of abstract joke-painting, but it ended up looking really interesting. first thing i made this entire year that i liked well enough to have actually hung in my own room. my art teacher took one look at it, and told me to throw it away and stop wasting canvasses. i love my teacher. but my friend erin seemed to really like it too, and she asked me for it. so nah, my trash is gonna be willingly hung on someone else's walls. fuck you, art teacher. fuck you with a blue pear-flavoured spork."
from GroovyCat's journal
And it relates so very well to Robert Alter's comments on the atrocious state of modern education, which I linked to in my previous entry. Speaking of which, Imp left an interesting comment on that entry which differed strongly from the tone of everyone else's, and which I think is well worth reading, too - I agree with a lot of what Robert Alter wrote, but also with a fair amount of what Imp wrote in response - there's plenty of room for cross-critiquing between them. Imp, I'll reply to your comment in more detail than this when I find the time (probably tomorrow).
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