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I just mailed a huge package to Imp for her Midwinter gift. It was originally intended to be a small gift, because I saw something for sale that had "I need to be given to Imp" written all over it (it's a surprise, but I've already told her it has an Allen Ginsberg theme . . . but it's not his poetry or his journals or a biography of him or any of the things you'd jump to the conclusion that an Allen Ginsberg-themed gift would be). But anyway, it turned out I didn't have any small enough boxes, so I used a huge box and then grabbed everything in sight and stuffed it all into the box as extra presents. And then as soon as the box was full I dragged it all off to the post office. Unfortunately, postage to Scotland from California is rather expensive so I chose the cheapest postal rate which means it will arrive in approximately 2006 (um, and hopefully at Midwinter). But anyway, that's what I did today. It was great fun.

And now back to reading Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Idiot. I'm on page 273 (which means I still have a very long way to go).
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