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Honor Black History Month: Try ??? Chinese Food

The following is a comment left in my journal just now by acidremix999 which deserves publicity. Visit her journal for more details later (she hasn't posted there about it yet, but she says she's going to).
something was brought to my attention that i thought you would be intrigued by..
i live in harrisburg, pa and a controversy has rose at one of the Giant grocery stores here...i was sitting in 2nd period today and this guy in my class who works there (Giant) told me that when he worked on sunday, they had a sign posted "GIANT HONORS BLACK HISTORY MONTH: FRIED CHICKEN ON SALE." he thought this was very racist (he's white) and i was furious. i was going to stop by there on my way to work and i was listening to the radio, apparently a black man called up and cussed and fussed about it and the one DJ didn't think anyone would have a reason to be upset. my god, as soon as i heard this, i stopped by Giant to see what it said, the sign had already been taken down and replaced with GIANT HONORS BLACK HISTORY MONTH: TRY ??? CHINESE FOOD! now...i dont think that was any better...i'm going to post all this in my journal.
wait, i'm listening to it now, the guy who complained about it is on the radio right now, he said when he walked n the Giant, the manager kinda "blew him off and said that he didn't understand why he was offended." the manger also gave him a number of some advertisment lady. tsk...this is what the world is coming to.
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