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"Americans for Responsible Fetuses: "Do they have pamphlets like 'don't drink and develop?' instead of 'dont drink and drive?' How irresponsible can a fetus be? 'YOUNG MAN YOU STOP PLAYING THAT LOUD ROCK MUSIC IN MY WOMB OUR YOUR STAYING IN THERE AN EXTRA WEEK!' 'AW , BUT MOM!'" - from zagg

"People who have sex outside marriage-this includes unmarried couples-will continue to be stoned. 'But we will use only small stones,' he noted." - from a news story (mainstream media, no less!) on what "great" (ha ha) improvements the American government's war has brought about in Afghanistan

Oh, and the wording of this article severely annoyed me. It pretends to have found that "bisexuals" are more likely to have unsafe sex, yet in reality all it found was that teenage males who'd had sexual experiences with both males and females are more likely to have had unsafe sex - well, naturally, because not one of the people included in that group is going to have had less than two partners, and they don't seem to have adjusted the demographics of the supposedly "hetero" and "homo" groups to match. Yet they're printing that title "Bisexual Youths More Likely to Have Risky Sex" all over Yahoo! News, and how many people who see it will ever click the link and read far enough to find out that's not true?
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