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Ecstasy (Condensed Excerpt from Chat with an Anonymous Teenage Friend)

XYZ: it's the best i've ever felt in my life
XYZ: it's just like this rush that doesn't go away
QBC 101: except it did
XYZ: i cant really describe it
XYZ: yeah eventually
XYZ: the comedown is nasty
XYZ: and lasts a long time
XYZ: about 3 days
QBC 101: ugh
XYZ: i know
QBC 101: how long was the rush?
XYZ: as long as you keep taking the pills
XYZ: in our case from 11.30pm to 10am
QBC 101: uh
XYZ: you do the math :-)
QBC 101: how MANY pills did you take?
XYZ: 1.5
XYZ: it was incredible
XYZ: you feel so close to people and you talk really honestly
QBC 101: i suspect i can do without that
XYZ: and it makes you really want to touch people and things
XYZ: without what?
QBC 101: drug-induced closeness and honesty
XYZ: if you feel you don't need it, sure
XYZ: see that's the thing
XYZ: that to talk honestly and say the things we said to each other we had to be drugged
XYZ: i keep thinking about this
XYZ: and it makes me feel like it would have meant more as an experience if it had happened naturally
XYZ: but i kept the opinion to myself
QBC 101: you shouldn't
XYZ: i am
QBC 101: but keeping opinions to yourself is what made you need the ecstasy in the first place apparently
XYZ: no not exactly
QBC 101: sounds to me like that's what you're saying
XYZ: yeah we talked about things that needed to be talked about
XYZ: things it was beneficial for the others to hear
XYZ: this is not
QBC 101: it isn't?
XYZ: no, i don't see how it could be
QBC 101: how could it possibly NOT be????
XYZ: oh we talked about it though
XYZ: we all said "yeah we should talk more, we should hug more"
XYZ: i think we will as well, we kind of opened a door
QBC 101: "XYZ: and it makes me feel like it would have meant more as an experience if it had happened naturally. XYZ: but i kept the opinion to myself"
XYZ: what?
QBC 101: don't keep that opinion to yourself
QBC 101: you idiot
QBC 101: how can you not KNOW that????
QBC 101: THINK, darling
XYZ: i don't see what good it will do
QBC 101: how the hell can it NOT do any good?????
QBC 101: if it is an honest observation it deserves to be shared
QBC 101: so others can think about it
XYZ: oh well i'm sure it will be at some point
QBC 101: yeah, next time you take ecstasy maybe
XYZ: zactly
QBC 101: a lot of good that does
XYZ: oh don't get on at me Gayle
XYZ: I'm going to eat breakfast now
XYZ: night
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