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Twenty Questions (from Arhuaine)

1.) On average, how many times per morning do you hit the 'snooze' button?
--I don't technically have a snooze button. I do have two alarm clocks though, so occasionally I just turn off one and wait for the other to go off before I get up. Mostly I get up the first time though, I just need two to feel I've safely guaranteed I won't fall asleep again and miss work.

2.) How many times in your adult life have you really been IN love?
--Define "adult" and "love." Minimum number of times: twice (my two ex-best-friends, Xine and UnFrank - you can tell when I have a badly broken heart because I contrive so avoid ever again saying the real name of the person who broke it, for fear of calling up too much of the pain associated).

3.) If you HAD to fly either the Confederate Flag or the flag of Iraq in front of your house for a full week, which flag would you fly?
--Eeek! I'm a white person living in a mostly black neighborhood - flying a Confederate flag would be very, very bad for my relationship with the neighbors!! At least if I flew the Iraqi flag probably fewer people would recognize it, and those who did wouldn't take it as such a personal insult.

4.) Pick one adjective that could never be used to describe you.

5.) If forced to pick only one book that you could read for the rest of your life, what book would it be?
--Ummm. Maybe I'd just kill myself, or kill whoever imposed this restriction. But if not . . . Ida: A Novel by Gertrude Stein comes to mind.

6.) Are you a Dog or a Cat person?

7.) Do you make your bed every day?
--I probably don't make my bed even once a year.

8.) Cotton, satin or flannel sheets?
--Cotton. Black. I didn't choose them, though; my mother bought them for me. I'd have looked for dark purple.

9.) Long, slow kisses or fast, furious kisses?
--I have trouble envisioning what fast, furious kisses would be like. The word "furious," in particular, sounds a bit off-putting. So I think I'll go for the other option.

10.) SUV, Sedan or Sportscar? Which do you own? Which would you rather own?
--I own a very dirty brownish-sivery '89 Nissan Sentra, which, for anyone who doesn't know, is a sedan. I'm happy with it, and not planning to replace it in the immediate future.

11.) Which was a better show...Cheers or Seinfeld?
--I wouldn't know, since I never saw a single episode of eitther of them.

12.) Grateful Dead or Dave Matthews Band?
--Dave Matthews.

13.) Are you going to the L.A. Bash?
--The what? Apparently not.

14.) Who has the best icon you've seen on LJ so far?
--Isadora comes to mind.

15.) Are you truly happy?
--I'm not miserable. I'm a lot closer to happy than most people seem to be. I'm temporarily lost from time to time but in general I seem to be heading the right direction.

16.) When sizing up someone, do you look at their fingernails?
--Not usually. Should I?

17.) Are you genuinely scared for your personal safety in light of all the recent terrorism activity?
--A little bit.

18.) What's the worst job you've ever had?
--Volunteering at my father's office one summer while in high school, to fulfill my high school honors program's requirement of 90 hours community service. It was horrible because I had this overwhelming and quite unreeasonable paranoia that if I stapled a single paper to the wrong one then my father would get blamed for my mistake and fired for it.

19.) What makes you smile?
--Getting to know people who impress me.

20.) What was the best concert you've ever attended?
--I've only ever been to two, and they were both Depeche Mode, and both while I was in high school, both for the Songs of Faith & Devotion tour. The first one was inside and made me go temporarily deaf, and I went with my best friend Xine. The second one was outside and much kinder to my ears, and I went with a beautiful slightly goth queerboy who'd been flirting with me for a few weeks and I thought it was going to lead to my First Kiss Ever that night, and I think he was sort of contemplating that too, but somewhere around halfway through the concert he finally made up his mind that he was exclusively gay rather than bi like he'd been telling me he was, but he didn't inform me of that decision until a few weeks later. So I went home having had a basically good time but wondering if I'd done something wrong since no kissing happened.
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